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What is temporary work?

Most people have already encountered the term “temporary employment” or “agency work” in their everyday lives. The term “temporary employment” itself refers to a type of employment relationship between two companies and an employee. In this construct, a staffing agency assumes the role of employer. However, the employee works for the second company for a certain period of time. This company is also referred to as the “hirer”.

Why does temporary work exist?

Temporary employment has various advantages and disadvantages for companies. As a rule, hirers use temporary staffing to absorb seasonal peculiarities or order peaks. In this case, the staffing service provider takes over both the personnel search and all employer duties, thus relieving the hirer and its HR department enormously. The whole process is particularly straightforward, as the hirer only has a contract with the staffing service provider and not directly with the employee.

What are the advantages for the employee?

Temporary employment also provides the employee with some advantages. Thus, he has the opportunity to gain professional experience in many areas and thus enhance his resume and also enjoy a collectively agreed payment.

Another great advantage for the employee is the simplified job search and the active support of the staffing agency, which depends on the placement of its employee. Often, a generally valid tabular resume is enough and the temporary employment agency takes care of the rest. Depending on the field, even advanced training courses are financed if they are required for certain professions.

It is also possible to switch from temporary work to a permanent position in perspective. There are skilled workers who use temporary employment specifically as a bridge to permanent employment and thus become part of the hirer’s permanent workforce due to good performance.