We provide our core service of private employment services within member states of the European Union professionally, transparently, fairly and within the framework of all legislation.

Temporary work

Within the framework of temporary employment, the Wenzel Work Group transfers personnel to its customer companies for a limited period of time. The employee has an employment contract with the Wenzel Work Group.

Process Management

We manage and support all legal processes and issues from start to finish. We support both our employees and clients in terms of language training and job placement. 


The new dream job is within reach. We place experts, professionals and support staff with European companies and institutions. Based on our experience and network, we find the ideal employee your company.

Latest job ads


If advertised, internal job advertisements are posted on our website as well as our social media accounts.

As a rule, temporary employees are paid according to the rates set out in collective agreements. Temporary employees with exceptional qualifications or knowledge are also paid above the collectively agreed rates. 

If you are looking for staff at short notice to cope with peak workloads or need to bridge staff shortages, submit your request quickly and easily by e-mail to

In the case of employee leasing, a triangular relationship is formed between the lender, the hirer and the employee. The contract between the hirer and the rental company is called the employee leasing contract.