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Career Consulting

We are always happy to help our applicants on their way and to welcome them soon in Germany. We attach great importance to ensuring that our specialists quickly find their way around in their new home and are always on hand to offer help and advice.


As part of our career counseling, our experts carefully review the resume and work history of all candidates. It is evaluated whether the applicant profile is qualified for a continuation of the professional career within the EU and whether there is a real chance on the local labor market. Subsequently, a personalized and individualized career plan is created. Together with our candidates we decide in which area they will be employed and support them on their way to their new dream job.

Why career counseling?

Today’s world is characterized by the influence of the Internet and the professional world is constantly changing. New professions are created every day and, accordingly, the framework conditions for working people change daily. Especially in the international context, the job market is more short-lived than ever. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find one’s way in this new world. In the context of immigration, a change of profession is therefore sometimes very nerve-racking and many “new” professions are simply far removed from the classic and old familiar training professions. This is exactly where our career counseling comes in and reduces the stress and risk level immensely through a clear plan of procedure and action.

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